The Second Wives Guide

Web Design & Development | CRM | E-Commerce


The Brief

Angela Vassallo is quickly becoming Australia’s leading voice in second marriage and blended families. With media appearances increasing internationally, Angela needed a strong digital presence through which she could further her brand, engage with a community of ‘second wives’ and increase book sales.

The website we created is vibrant and engaging, featuring a simple to use online store supported by a detailed CRM and personalised customer experience.

Our digital strategy sought to intentionally foster community, encouraging the conversation to be continued beyond the pages of the book. As such the site links seamlessly with social media allowing users to share blog posts, follow, and comment. The monthly newsletter also became an integral aspect of the strategy, offering ongoing engagement with readers. We created a purpose built newsletter template to ensure content and design remained consistent across mediums. The project also included applying design across social and print.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Angela, the site is currently undergoing a further scaling to mirror the growth and success of The Second Wives Guide.