Donate Your Day

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The Brief

Luke and Kylie were approaching their son’s first birthday. With more things than any one-year-old could possibly need, Luke and Kylie began looking for a way that friends and family could make a donation in lieu of presents. When no suitable solution was found they decided to create the solution themselves.

They approached us with an idea and an eager desire to do what it takes to create a platform where Australian’s could Donate Their Day, opting out of presents for their birthday, wedding or other special day.

The Solution

The project began with a detailed planning session, nutting out the concept, functionality, brand image and desired outcomes. Meetings with charities and target audience members guided the site mapping to ensure the solution met the needs of both groups.

Out of the planning came a fast loading site that is clear and to the point. Visitors quickly discover the purpose of the site and how they can be involved. The four-step account creation process allows the site owners to capture the relevant information without overburdening the user.

Once an account is created users can easily share their campaign and receive donations tracked through their individual campaign page. Donations are collected through the site and automatically distributed to the relevant charity without requiring anything of the user.