C3 Church Bathurst

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The Brief

C3 bathurst is a vibrant and growing church in Bathurst, Australia. They have a strong community and a heart to serve the people of Bathurst.

With a particular focus on families and the transient student community of Charles Sturt University, C3 Bathurst came to us seeking a website that would appeal to a younger audience. They needed a site that visually captured the vibrant community spirit and was simple for a small team to keep up to date.

The Solution

After a trip to Bathurst (including a stop at Annie’s Icecream of course) we created an image rich site featuring photos of the people and places of Bathurst. The navigation logically segments content and directs visitors to the answers they’re looking for, helping them to find a sense of home before they ever enter the church building.

The Impact

Within a matter of days C3 Bathurst experienced an increase in enquiries, and across the weekends following saw an increase in visitors to their Sunday services.

The new newsletter system and blog is keeping the church members up to date on all current news, events and church focuses, enabling the leadership to communicate with the church without overburdening their already full schedule.

Beech & Co are amazing to work with. They take the time to really know you and your audience in order to deliver the best possible platform for you. The results are world class!

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